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Chervona Ruta, story songs, lyrics and chords (video)
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"Chervona Ruta" - a popular Ukrainian song written by Vladimir Ivasyukom in 1968 and performed by many singers. Song has not received an official copyright, and because of their fame considered Ukrainian folk song. It is named after the mythological flower, Red Ruth, which, if it finds a young girl to bring luck in love. & Nbsp; 
 "Chervona Ruta", known in Ukraine and other ethnic communities that were once part of the Soviet Union, and most likely, it will sing at weddings, karaoke and other public places.

Мобільний ракетний комплекс "Молодець" (SS-24 Scalpel)
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БЖРК - бойовий залізничний ракетний комплекс РТ-23УТТХ «Молодець» (за класифікацією НАТО SS-24 Scalpel) з твердопаливною ракетою РТ-23, СРСР прийняли в дослідну експлуатацію 25 років тому, в лютому 1983 р Без сумніву його створення стало вражаючою перемогою вітчизняної оборонної промисловості.
Твоя казкова Фея
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Твоя казкова Фея

Кошик, плетений з паперу
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Чи можна зробити щось з нічого? Не завжди. Але ви можете наблизитися до цього ідеалу, створивши чарівні корзини тільки зі старої газети або журналу, трохи клею і картону.
Плетений кошик з паперу може бути використаний як контейнер для ручок на столі, вази для букету сухих квітів. Його використання залежить лише від вашої творчості та розміру кошика. Плетений кошик також добре служить як корзина на свята!

Ukrainian scientists of world significance
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Ukrainian scientists of world importance

  The conquest of space in the XX century directly related originated from the name of the son of Ukrainian land, a talented researcher and engineer Alexander Ignatievitch Sharheya, who described the optimal flight path, construction of interplanetary intermediate bases ways to return to Earth and other important issues related to space flight.

The life of Yuri Kondratyuk

  June 21, 1897 - in Poltava a family Gnat Benedyktovycha Sharheya and Lyudmila Lvovna Slippenbach born small son - Alexander, who was orphaned at 13 years and then raised his grandmother.

1910 - 1916 years - studied at the Second Poltava gymnasium. It was written 104 pages of the manuscript, which described in detail the project of guided missile manned flight to the moon.
1917 - 1920 - turbulent historical events in Empire alter the fate of a scientist, forcing Alexander Sharheya (as former tsarist White Guard) to them ' I - Yuri Kondratyuk.




  September 1, 1916 - joining Petrograd Polytechnic Institute, where he studied only 70 days.
November 10, 1916 - drafted into the army, schooling warrant at cadet school.
1918-1920 years - Periodic service in the imperial army; hiding in Poltava, Kiev, Smela; temporary work on the railroad.
1921 - avoiding persecution, change the name Olexander Ignatievich Shargey on Yuri Kondratyuk. & nbsp;
He tragic fate destined to live under an assumed name and to glorify it.


1921-1925 years - mechanic sugar factory in the Little plummet; mehanizuvav heavy labor-intensive production processes.
1925-1926 years - elevator mechanic Krylov station that belonged to the North - Caucasian railway; perfected the technique of processing and storage units.
 1927-1929 years - worked as a mechanic West Siberian office; supervised and establishes various mechanisms silos and warehouses zernozahotivli in the Altai region.   1930-1932 years - was unfairly convicted on charges of sabotage Soviet people; forced to work as a design engineer in the Kuzbass. 
1933-1937 years - designed and supervised the construction of the Crimean wind farm.
1938-1941 years - designed and built his first experimental electric windmill.
 July - October 1941 year - Yuri Kondratyuk - a private company mobilized due Infantry Regiment. 

In February 1942 - Yuri Kondratyuk killed in battle.




- Research in interplanetary flights and connections as well as the manuscript of the first in 16 years

- "Those who read to build" (1919)
- "The conquest of interplanetary space" (1929)
 - flight first American astronauts to the moon was made on the "road Kondratyuka" (1969)  


July 16, 1969 from Cape Kennedy (United States) launched rocket "Saturn", carrying the moon ship "Apollo 11". After 103 hours of their flight, on July 20, held posadkana moon near the Sea of Tranquility. July 21 the first man set foot on the lunar surface. It was Neil Armstrong. After 20 minutes he was joined by another American astronaut Edwin Aldrin. 
 Program Manager John Hubolt acknowledges that the flight was carried American astronauts for the "road Kondratyuka". 
 In honor of the Ukrainian scientist and pioneer Yuri Kondratyuk named a crater on the opposite side of the moon, near the crater Tsiolkovsky.  

Yuri Kondratyuk Ukrainian, who created the strategy landing on the moon ("Route Kondratyuka")



The life of Sergei Korolev

The entire Soviet Union and the world znalySerhiya Queen simply as chief designer. Only high leadership, subordinates, colleagues and those whom he sent to space missions know that all space achievements is the name of Sergei Korolev. All Others learned about it after his death ...


  Sergei Korolev (12.01. 1907 - 12.30.1966) - outstanding Ukrainian scientist in the field of strategic rocket-building and practical space. Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1958). Designer of the first successful artificial satellites and spacecraft. 7 years (1939-1945) scholar left for HULAZI where every day along with other scientists had to develop the first ballistic and geophysical missiles. After his release led the Soviet rocket program. Under his watchful leadership launched the first intercontinental ballistic missile, and the first artificial satellite, was made the first manned flight into space and out into space. 
 twice received the title of Hero of Socialist Labor.



Sergei Korolev was born January 12, 1907 in Zhytomyr. His parents, Paul and Maria Y. (from birth Moskalenko) were teachers, unfortunately, their married life did not happen, and the three years the boy lived with his grandmother and grandfather, Maria and Nikolai Moskalenko, who lived in the beautiful ancient city. To have this studied at Kiev University for Women and worked there in the office, at leisure navedyvayas to Sergei. From his father the boy was completely fenced off. Attempts Paul Jakovljevic in court to defend their rights ended "permission" to provide financial assistance to his son.

Early learning to read and write, Sergei discovered arithmetic. 
 1914 Moskalenko family and his grandson moved to Kyiv. In October 1916 Sergei officially divorced parents, and a month have married Grigory Balanin, an electrical engineer. But Sergei went to the first class of the Third Gymnasium. However, the study in the school Sergei was not necessary. Then came the hard times - revolution. Stepfather, with two diplomas of engineer electrical machines, became a mentor for the stepson. & Nbsp;

"The future General Designer Sergei Korolev. Nizhyn. 1912 "


  In 1922 was externally all necessary & nbsp; peredvypusknyy exams in First Class Odessa budprofshkoly. But it was the element of aviation. And Sergei became a member just organized the Society of Aviation and Aeronautics Ukraine and Crimea (TAPUK) finished first propagandists courses, and only then - the theory and practice of designing various aircraft. 
 In 1923 Sergey Korolev is engaged sailing walks on the yacht "Lieutenant Schmidt». 
 From autumn 1924 Sergei Korolev trained to & nbsp; Mechanical department of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. 
 In late summer 1926 Rector Vladimir Bobrov advise all interested to get this practical profession to transfer to Moscow - thence at Higher Technical School or the Air Force Academy. Sergei Korolev not hesitate - immediately chose aeromehanichnyy faculty MVTU them. M. Bauman (soon this faculty vyokremytsya an independent air -instytut). Specialty - aircraft.

"Sergei Korolev in practice after the first year the CPI."


 The main job of the scientist & nbsp; left Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute. N. Zhukovsky. It was at this time revealed a huge organizational skills Queen. His group provide at least some areas - abandoned basement. In such circumstances, only own enthusiasm with human losses (in 1933 died Friedrich Zander) was created and tested the participants of the first Soviet missiles in hybrid (in August 1933.) And liquid (in October 1933). Fuel. 
 To continue and expand research efforts a "laboratory" was not enough.

September 2, 1933 in Moscow at the gas-dynamic laboratory was created Jet Research Institute (RNDI). Which Sergey Korolev was appointed deputy head and head - I. Kleymonova, head of GDL. Later, Sergei Pavlovich headed the department leading cruise missiles and in 1937 has become the chief of a group rocket vehicles.

"Sergei Korolev in the cockpit glider" Koktebel ".


Scary years of life in Soviet Ukrainian scientist Sergei Korolev.

 June 27, 1938 in the biography of Queen & nbsp; it was a rainy day. Arrest. & Nbsp;

September 27 - closed court. On which received the sentence: ten years of corrective - labor camps deprivation of all rights for five years and confiscation of property. Location punishment - Colima.
 Korolev never give up. He appealed to the Supreme Soviet prosecutor's office in person to Joseph Stalin with a request to review his case. But they are, unfortunately, refuse dostkrokovoho release. Two of the ten years he has suffered, remained eight. 
 July 27, 1944 the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet adopts a joyful for Sergei decision on early release from custody and takes away conviction. August 15, he gets a passport.

The development of ballistic missiles
 In August 1946 SP Korolev began working in the suburban city of Kaliningrad, where He was appointed chief designer for designing long-range ballistic missiles, as well as head of the department №3 NII-88 in their design. 
 The first targets set by the government before SP Korolev as chief designer, and all other organizations concerned with missile weapons, was to create a counterpart of German rocket V-2 rocket from domestic materials.
 In 1948, SP Korolev began designing practical flight test of a ballistic missile R-1 (analogue V-2), and in 1950 successfully sends her to adopt. 
 In 1956, under the watchful guidance of SP Korolev was created the first Soviet strategic ballistic missile, which became the basis for future missile nuclear shield of the country. 
 In 1960 came the first batch of weapons on many intercontinental missile R-7, which had been two rocket stages. It was a great victory SP Queen and its many employees.

"Rocket R-2 on a pedestal at the entrance to the city of Korolev".

 In 1955 (long before the first flight tests missile R-7) C .P. Korolev, MV Keldysh, MK Tikhonravov came to the then & nbsp; government to the withdrawal of the space using the projected missile R-7 first artificial Earth satellite (satellites). & nbsp; 
 Soon, October 4, 1957 was put into orbit the first Earth satellite in history. His flight had a tremendous, tremendous success and created the Soviet Union's high international prestige. 
 In 1959, created and launched the following three automatic spacecraft to the moon. The first and second - for bringing the moon flag of the Soviet Union, the third was to photograph the reverse (invisible) side of the moon. Later SP Korolev begins to develop a technically perfect system for its monthly soft landing on the lunar surface, photographing and transmitting to Earth panoramas of the lunar surface.

Man in Space
 April 12, 1961 SP Korolev again affects the world community. Having created the world's first manned spacecraft "Vostok-1", it realized the first flight of man - citizen of the USSR Yuri Gagarin in Earth orbit. 

After three years, from 12 to 13 October 1964 - in space sent a crew of three different specialties: the captain, flight engineer and physician on the Challenger spaceship "Voskhod». 

March 18, 1965 while flying around the Earth at the comic ship "Voskhod 2" with a crew of two people cosmonaut AA Leonov makes the first-ever exit in the suit through the airlock into open space.




The death of Sergei Korolev
 Sergei Pavlovich Korolev died January 14, 1966. 
 coffin with flesh outstanding scientist SP Queen was installed in the Column Hall of the House of Unions. For parting with it has access January 17, 1966 from 12 pm to 8 pm. 
 A solemn funeral with state honors was held on Red Square in Moscow January 18 at 13 o'clock. The urn with the ashes SP Queen was buried in the Kremlin wall

"A plaque at the Kremlin wall where buried an urn with the ashes of Academician SP Queen ".