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Як потрібно вчитись
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Як потрібно  вчитисьСлайд2

Якщо ВИ дійсно хочете швидше і глибше засвоювати нові знання - задумайтеся над тим, як ви замислюєтеся.










Тестування на уроках
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Тестування на уроках

















A Grandmother-body-builder is a champion in 75
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Times, when a pensioner associated by us with an old man, ill-clad, lonely, with labour a leaving on a walk man, already a long ago stepped back to history. Today a pensioner is a person that not only cares of the state of the spirit, but also about the body. It Ernestine Shepherd can exemplify.

That in this woman such emergency? Look at her picture and you will guess at once.


Aircraft created by their own hands
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The real plane - with his own hands. Prove that it is possible, I decided to retired from the village Vasilevka Dnepropetrovsk region. The aircraft he collected for many years, using everything that was on the farm. I did it! Stunning bend plane perform certainly can not, but can climb and reach speeds of up to one hundred eighty kilometers per hour.

Development of Humanity
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Human development occurs, subject to certain laws. The rules are changing very slowly. So slowly that in the history of mankind from the most primitive to the present associations have not changed. The word "almost" only means changing directions of achievements.
Each skill that a modern man, is the result of bringing people together in groups. For example, effective hunting became possible only after the formation naprostishyh associations, which allowed to spend time getting food in place to protect the property of others.




Harvest creativity

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