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Aircraft created by their own hands
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The real plane - with his own hands. Prove that it is possible, I decided to retired from the village Vasilevka Dnepropetrovsk region. The aircraft he collected for many years, using everything that was on the farm. I did it! Stunning bend plane perform certainly can not, but can climb and reach speeds of up to one hundred eighty kilometers per hour.

He was sixty-three. Almost the same and his dreams. After high school, Nikolai Larin entered flight school, but finish it prevented disease. Already working as an engineer on the farm, the man decided to try again. For several years he studied literature design aircraft.

Thus were born the first drawing, the first fruits of creativity.

fuse creative energy was enormous - the plane-taught master built 5 years, on his own project. Analogues of this aircraft has. And even the name of it at all unusual for planes - "Rondo". The cab two places: for the pilot and passenger. The control panel, radio, brake system - all in place. The man says it regularly spent his entire pension. And that was cheaper, "stuffing" for collecting aircraft on auto.

- wheels, brake system - the bike - says Nikolay Larin. - With the car - tachometer, the "Lada" adapted sensors for automobiles - all automotive. The rest - fabric glue - all aircraft should be.

However, already in flight design had to redo. After a not very successful landing, mechanical brake master replaced by hydraulics. After another flight perfected door. Now that said, fly on an airplane safe. This engineering marvel villagers initially frightened. But now the plane - a local landmark, and Nikolai Larin - celebrity.

Nicholas Yurchenko villager Vasilevka shares his impressions of creation countryman: - I am here standing wave to him - and he waved me wings! The people are used to ... No one is not surprising.

But now the wings in the sky plane almost no waves. Retired learned: aircraft must undergo a technical examination and registration, and the pilot - get the certificate. It's expensive, but it ensures safety and pilot, and people around them, say experienced aviainstruktory. The pilot must clearly understand and work out to automatism those actions which they will perform in case of failure of the engine, in case of failure of the fuel system and so on.

Now Nikolai Larin suspends funds for clearance of flight documentation. After all, he plans to build a new plane. Brother-long farmer asks collect this, which was convenient to cultivate the fields.



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PROGRES.IN.UA Development Personal development Aircraft created by their own hands