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PROGRES.IN.UA Development Personal development A Grandmother-body-builder is a champion in 75
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A Grandmother-body-builder is a champion in 75
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Times, when a pensioner associated by us with an old man, ill-clad, lonely, with labour a leaving on a walk man, already a long ago stepped back to history. Today a pensioner is a person that not only cares of the state of the spirit, but also about the body. It Ernestine Shepherd can exemplify.

That in this woman such emergency? Look at her picture and you will guess at once.


Indeed somebody, looking on a that picture, or on old, that actively go in for sports, knock in a brow and twist a finger near сткроні, but, as they say, life too short, that from it to worry.


Yes, thus will see as lives and practices Ернестін.

When is it possible to begin to go in for sports professionally? Without problems and with successes it is possible to do it and after 50. So exactly did and nicely looking on the above-mentioned picture senior woman from the USA. Ernestine Sheperd has 75 and was confessed by Book of Records of Гіннеса by the oldest body-builder in the world. She began to practice on power trainers, having 56. Today starts in competitions, obtains rewards, and every day begins with a 16-kilometre cross-country race. Then goes to the trainer hall in a local cathedral. It is a mother and grandmother. But it is needed to admit that a mrs. Sheperd looks better, than any woman that has a half of those years, that she.


"If there is something such, that prevents aging, then it is physical exercises" - talks Ernestine. "Age it only number" - adds.

Ернестін in it 75, lives in Baltimore (Baltimore) and there is oldest бодібілдером in the world. The adventure with a body-building began four years to back, in age 71років. This woman has a wonderful body a teenager can envy even that not only, but also unbelievable standard. Standard that is the result of the indefatigable training and самодисципліни. Ернестін every day gets up in 2.30, that healthily and actively to congratulate a new day. Day that begins from at run on distance in 16 kilometres.

If honestly, then I do not know or any teenager would be аж so disciplined, as a grandmother Ернестін.

Fascinations of offtype American were already a long ago noticed, a 75-years-old grandmother was entered to Book of Records of Гінеса. As the interested underlines age then only number, and caring of the state of health and standard is needed in any age. Looking it is possible to draw conclusion on a that snapshot, that the oldest body-builder of the world is not only healthy, but щонайважливіше is satisfied from the life, and it is major.




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PROGRES.IN.UA Development Personal development A Grandmother-body-builder is a champion in 75