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Community development
Тестування на уроках
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Тестування на уроках

















Information and communication technologies (ICT) in schools
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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - is, in general, methods and technical devices of information technology-based networks and devices to beam information.
Use of ICT in the classroom - one of the main directions of informatization process dictated by needs of modern society, in which the main driver of progress is the development of individual personality.


Development of Humanity
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Human development occurs, subject to certain laws. The rules are changing very slowly. So slowly that in the history of mankind from the most primitive to the present associations have not changed. The word "almost" only means changing directions of achievements.
Each skill that a modern man, is the result of bringing people together in groups. For example, effective hunting became possible only after the formation naprostishyh associations, which allowed to spend time getting food in place to protect the property of others.




Harvest creativity

PROGRES.IN.UA Development Community development