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Development of Humanity
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Human development occurs, subject to certain laws. The rules are changing very slowly. So slowly that in the history of mankind from the most primitive to the present associations have not changed. The word "almost" only means changing directions of achievements.
Each skill that a modern man, is the result of bringing people together in groups. For example, effective hunting became possible only after the formation naprostishyh associations, which allowed to spend time getting food in place to protect the property of others.

With each union people have been able to tvarynnytsva, agriculture, crafts and sharing objects.
Themselves laws of virtually unchanged. We can often observe in an environment in which the system structure that ob'yeduvala people cease to function properly. Under such circumstances, the person who five minutes ago was showing samples highculture behavior begins to act just as primitive man days. Examples of such behavior appear during the riots, revolutions, wars and so on.
Therefore, we can just say that people thousands of years of cultural existence has not changed. The difference between man and man's original present is only in education and education that they received. That education indicates which areas of the results will be used cultural development of mankind. For example, only culturally developed person in difficult circumstances can find the best solution of social problems.

One of the directions and methods of education developed while the person is a creative human activity. If you closely examine the concept of creativity, it is clear that creative activity is the activity which results objectively and subjectively valuable work fine.
The advantage of creative activity over other activities is that after some work in the body secreted hormone happiness of creativity - acetylcholine. Not to mention the presence, as a result of, harvest creativity, high quality products and a high level of skill (he is required 'necessarily and inevitably will). It is the hormones released in the body force it to re-execute certain actions in which again increase the level of this hormone. Remember its state after a successful resolution of a problem. It is a hormone acetylcholine, through which we experience a pleasure. During the same creative task of appearing one by one continuous course. Accordingly, acetylcholine is released almost continuously. The human body eventually gets used to this level of the hormone and the person no longer feels the pleasure that was in the beginning. To get it back, are more complex task, after which allocated more hormone. With each task hormone levels will be higher, and therefore the level of tasks to be undertaken. 


If you compare a man to fulfill the creative task and when it is finished, the second will be more resourceful, lively mind.
It is a creative activity is the best equipment for the development of concentration and all the intellectual resources of the brain.
If we consider human development as a collection of individuals, and the development of a person in the sense of commitment to excellence and relentless movement to it, it is obvious that the more intellectually developed person is engaged in creative activity and raises some new ones, more complex tasks.



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